Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Little Winter Collection 2010

Sienna Tights
These tights look great under the sara yoga pants. Delicate green fabric covered buttons lined up the side seam and the base is gathered with a piece of fabric.
Available in size : 1-2yrs (oos) , 2-3 yrs (oos), 3-4yrs , 4-5yrs (oos)
Price: $22 (SALE: $16!!)

Hazel Top
Made from super stretch cotton. Featuring all over pink and cream bunny print. The back gathers in with elastic and below features gorgeous cream lace. The front of the top has a cute little fabric waistband joined with a fabric covered button.
Available in size: 1-2yrs , 2-3 yrs , 3-4yrs , 4-5yrs
Price: $55 (SALE : $38)

Georgie Dress
Made from high quality off white cotton herringbone. Printed in all over grey owl print. The neck has a gorgeous frill and the back does up with a fabric covered butoon.
Available in size: 1-2yrs (OOS), 2-3 yrs (OOS), 3-4 yrs, 4-5yrs
Price: $68 (SALE: $49)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Arrival From Australia - Winter 2010 Collection

An Australian Designer that I really adore! Bringing you the winter collection 2010. Truly adorable and cute with laces & frills! Grab them fast!

Babycake top
top with velvet frilled swirl and crochet flower, muslin sleeve
Available in size: 2 (sold out!),3,4
Price: $60 (SALE: $46)
French skirt
cotton skirt with lace cotton panel
Available in size: 2,3,4
Price: $60 (SALE: $46)

**Tea Party Cardy is not available**

Posy posy top
crochet doily white long sleeved top
Available in size: 3,4
Price: $55 (SALE: $42)
Pavalova skirt
net skirt with rows of vanilla ribbon and frills
Available in size: 3 (sold out),4 (sold out),6
Price: $79 (SALE: $60)
**Sugar Cake Cardy is not available**

Rosemary pants
pink pants with large rose and lace hemline
Available in size: 3,5
Price: $60 (SALE: $45)

Chantilly top
crochet applique top with frilled sleeves
Available in size: 3,6
 Price: $60 (SALE: $45)

Chantilly skirt
multi filled skirt with pink net underskirt
Available in size:3 (sold out),4,6
Price: $69 (SALE: $55)

Simple tights (SOLD OUT!!)
basic white stretch tights

**Plush top & Plush Cardy not available**
Plush skirt
musky pink skirt with ribbon braid and net frills
Available in size: 3 (sold out),4 (sold out),6
Price: $69 (SALE: $55)