Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cute Bubble Skirts

Bubble Skirt - Purple/Green Swirls
Available in size : 12-18Mos, 2T (sold)

Baby Bubble Skirt - Pink n Chocolate Swirl (SOLD OUT!)
Available in size: 12-18mos

Bubble Skirt- Cotton - White/black/red flowers
Available in size: 6-12mos, 12-18mos (sold) & 2T

Blue with pretty print and black satin ribbon detail

Available in size: 6-12mos (sold), 12-18mos (sold) & 2T

Paired with a onsie or t-shirt and leggies!
Comes with a matching pacifier clip for smaller sizes (i.e 6-12mos) or headband for bigger sizes.
Selling @ S$39 (Sale: $20)

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