Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Arrival From Australia - Winter 2010 Collection

An Australian Designer that I really adore! Bringing you the winter collection 2010. Truly adorable and cute with laces & frills! Grab them fast!

Babycake top
top with velvet frilled swirl and crochet flower, muslin sleeve
Available in size: 2 (sold out!),3,4
Price: $60 (SALE: $46)
French skirt
cotton skirt with lace cotton panel
Available in size: 2,3,4
Price: $60 (SALE: $46)

**Tea Party Cardy is not available**

Posy posy top
crochet doily white long sleeved top
Available in size: 3,4
Price: $55 (SALE: $42)
Pavalova skirt
net skirt with rows of vanilla ribbon and frills
Available in size: 3 (sold out),4 (sold out),6
Price: $79 (SALE: $60)
**Sugar Cake Cardy is not available**

Rosemary pants
pink pants with large rose and lace hemline
Available in size: 3,5
Price: $60 (SALE: $45)

Chantilly top
crochet applique top with frilled sleeves
Available in size: 3,6
 Price: $60 (SALE: $45)

Chantilly skirt
multi filled skirt with pink net underskirt
Available in size:3 (sold out),4,6
Price: $69 (SALE: $55)

Simple tights (SOLD OUT!!)
basic white stretch tights

**Plush top & Plush Cardy not available**
Plush skirt
musky pink skirt with ribbon braid and net frills
Available in size: 3 (sold out),4 (sold out),6
Price: $69 (SALE: $55)