Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NEW Arrival! Squids & Mini Squids (UV protected Sunglasses from Australia)

About Squids ($45)

Kids Sunglasses are making a huge splash this summer with SQUIDS. Australian designedSQUIDS sunglasses are making a huge SPLASH this summer!

SQUIDS light weight flexible frame stays firmly wrapped around small faces to keep little 'peepers' well protected. Featuring EVA foam inserts, SQUIDS float in water, so there'll be no fishing around for these SQUIDS!

Special SQUIDS features:

  1. SQUIDS provide 100% UV protection and comply with the Australian Standards AS/NZS: 1067
  2. SQUIDS are designed for kids aged 3 - 10 years.
  3. SQUIDS are a unique Australian design that FLOAT in water - ideal for the beach or pool.
  4. SQUIDS are made from AQUAFLEX material that is lightweight and flexible.
  5. EVA foam temple inserts proved added comfort and buoyancy.
  6. Lenses are made from shatterproof Polycarbonate & feature a hydrophobic coating to repel water.

Available in :

1)  Ink 

2) Cool Water

3) Deep Blue Sea

4) Heat

5) Whitewash

6) Sunset Pink

About Mini Squids ( $42)

Mini Squids are an Australian designed aquatic range of sunglasses for babies and toddlers aged 6 months – 3 years. They are designed to wrap snugly around small faces and provide maximum protection for little peepers.

Mini SQUIDS Sunglasses features:

  1. Mini SQUIDS provide 100% UV protection (UV 400) and comply with the Australian Standards AS/NZS: 1067
  2. Mini SQUIDS FLOAT in water and feature EVA foam inserts for added comfort.
  3. Mini SQUIDS are made from AQUAFLEX material that is lightweight and hyper flexible.
  4. Mini SQUIDS feature shatterproof Polycarbonate safety lenses.
  5. Lenses are coated with a protective hydrophobic coating.
  6. Mini SQUIDS include a removable head strap.

Available in: 

1) Dark Pink

2) Light Pink

3) Dark Blue

4) Light Blue

5) Silver

6) Orange